Chippy Software | Know why you need chippy software turnkey solution for your online casino?
Chippy Software is an iGaming software provider. We offer ✓ White Label Casino & ✓ Turnkey Casino software solutions for online gaming. ➜ Contact Us Now
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Know why you need chippy software turnkey solution for your online casino?

Know why you need chippy software turnkey solution for your online casino?

Start building your future today with the help of Chippy software online casino turnkey solutions and gambling platform. When entering a highly competitive industry, just like the online gambling industry it’s very important that you don’t start by re-inventing the wheel. The software solution offers you the chance to have access to a strong and stable platform on which you can build your brand. Our state of the art design and functionality of the product is able to exceed your expectations.
The casino software is already tested by many different online casinos and this means that it will come bugs free, so you don’t have to worry. This turnkey online gaming software solution comes packed with lots of features and configurability options, so you can adapt the software to your vision. This allows your site to stand out of the crowd and become the next big hit in the online casino industry.

High Quality Games and Gaming Partner Integration

As soon as you install the online casino turnkey solutions software on your server the players can have instant access to a huge collection of various casino games that come from different software developers. This includes some of the most popular names in the online casino gaming providers like: Netent, Play’n Go, Microgaming, 1X2 Gaming network and more. Everything is then handled through the multi-game provider management system in the backend. In addition to that, there is also the comprehensive player management that allows your support staff to handle the requests of the players in a fast way.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Integration

Chippy Software online casino turnkey solutions come with multi-language support and multi-currency support. This means that both your website and the games are going to be available in multiple languages and the players can change that with just a click of a mouse. As for the currency, the games are available to be played in all the major currencies and on top of that there is also support for Bitcoin which is right now represents one of the most important growth in the online casino business, as both the casino sites and the players are moving towards this new and revolutionizing way of transferring money anonymously.

Our Flagship Cashier System

The online casino turnkey solutions will come with a powerful payment processor known as cashier system that allows the players to start making deposits via credit cards, e-wallet or bitcoin. The highlights of the system are as follows:

  • Per player and Per card transaction restrictions
  • Processor-based transaction limits and processor overriding option
  • Country and continent  based Processors distribution and routing
  • Customer profiling and routing based on profiling
  • Player amount based limit restrictions
  • Block cards, maintaining KYC information  and routing based on KYC
  • Different intelligent queues to analyze the player stats.

Payments Using Bitcoin

Choose bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method and you can be sure that there is a vast range of players who will come and try your online casino. Bitcoin is now getting more and more popular as millions of people from all around the world are starting to realize the benefits. Bitcoin gambling is huge right now and at the same time it’s a growing market, so under these circumstances, it makes perfect sense to add it. Our online casino turnkey solutions make it easier with an already integrated platform.

Customizable Bonus System

Another important aspect of any online casino is the bonus awarded. Thankfully the Chippy software online casino turnkey gambling system allows you to successfully manage the bonuses awarded thanks to the complex bonus management feature. That’s where you can fine-tune your bonuses and create the perfect promotions which are able to attract the largest crowd.

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is the heart of every business, this is also the case with the online gambling industry. Along with the fact that you have to stand out of the crowd, there is also the need to utilize any marketing form available. Along with the popular media buying, thanks to this platform you can start advertising your casino with affiliate marketing. In our online casino turnkey solution, there is an already affiliate marketing platform built and the only thing you have to do is to manage stuff. There is also the possibility to launch e-mail marketing campaigns and new ways of improving the visibility of your online casinos are constantly provided.

The online casino back office solutions are always easy to use and it won’t take long for anyone to learn how to use it. The product might have a large amount of settings and functionalities, but thanks to the state of the art and user friendly back office interface, you can learn how to manage everything very fast.

Games and their Analytics Are The Key to Any Casino

The games are yet another factor that drives players towards an online casino and this online casino turnkey solution provides the players with a large number of games. At this moment there are more than ample games available and the number is constantly growing. The system allows you to add new games with just a click of a mouse and on top of that, there is also the option to create the categories of games you want and add the games you want. Another interesting feature is that you get full analytics on how the games are performing and this allows you to find out which are the money earners. This way you can always have access to information that you can use in order to constantly increase your earnings by promoting the games which are bringing the money.

Reporting is What You Need For Analyzing The Next Step

In fact, the Chippy software is now able to provide you with a Complete Turnkey Solution that includes a vast range of analytics and full tracking of everything that’s happening in every moment. This includes the campaign tracking system, geographic analysis, customer life cycle analysis and other reports that can be customized so that you access the information you need in order to manage your online casino properly.

Now it’s the perfect time to buy online casino software and start off in this highly lucrative industry. Some might be scared that there is a fierce competition, but the numbers are showing that there is still room left, especially since you will be getting access to one of the best casino software solution available at the moment. One of the greatest advantages that you have available here is the fact that the platform is ready to accept Bitcoin and this can bring lots of benefits for both casino owners and players. The back office casino solution is easy to use and it won’t be long before you can start seeing a profit, especially if you have a nice vision that can stand out of the crowd.