About the Company

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Our Mission Statement

Chippy Software is a 100% iGaming product development company. We expertise in different gaming platforms.


Our team is known for being dynamic and expert in programming trends necessary to obtain the best management software for iGaming Industry.


All our software solutions are always focused on customers and their players, with a firm commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet their specific needs.









Well above stated four are our principles which are as clear as crystal which puts client as priority. Chippy software has a robust and leading technology platform and a large team of highly qualified professionals. Chippy Software is your one stop technology partner for all your iGaming needs. Very keen attention to the detailing will increase the quality of our products and constant innovation allows us to provide best solutions for iGaming industry as well as affiliation networks. We have More than 20 years of industry experience in online casino software development.


Our work and team is known to keep developing, improving and striving towards creating market-leading solutions.

About Us

Chippy Software is an independent company offering software solutions for casino games and affiliation platforms.

With over 20 years’ experience we offer advanced technological solutions in the field of game development and platforms. The software is best suited as management for online gaming and gambling entities.

Our Vision is simple: provide all the necessary tools so that our clients can stand out of their competition in iGaming industry.
Chippy Software is the leading provider of iGaming Back Office technology solutions for businesses of all gaming industries. We offer our customers high-value solutions, ideal to improve productivity and competitiveness of your online gaming businesses.

We are a technology partner with strong strategic alliances with companies and can provide comprehensive global solutions and services to our customers.


Team of Experts

Our leadership in Chippy Software is highly experienced on both B2B and B2C levels, building top end product would not be possible without having highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals.

We use advance technology and keep ourselves competitive with other competitors and upgrade ourselves very frequently to reach customers expectation.